Downloading Apps

When you purchase an app via the Liferay Marketplace website, you can download the app via its receipt or your account. Each Marketplace app is distributed as an LPKG package (.lpkg file). The LPKG contains Marketplace metadata and the files the app needs to run.

The quickest, most convenient way to download an app is via its receipt.

Downloading via the Receipt

An app’s receipt displays immediately on purchasing the app.

On the Marketplace website, a receipt displays immediately on purchasing an app.

Here’s how to download the app from its receipt:

  1. In the receipt, click See Purchased. The Purchased App page for that app appears.

  2. Click App to download the app.

The LPKG file downloads to your machine.


The receipt Liferay emails you also links to the Purchased App page.

If you don’t happen to download the app via the receipt, there’s no need to worry. Your purchased apps are available to download via the Purchased Apps page on the Marketplace website and your account home.

Downloading via the Purchased Apps Page

The Purchased Apps page lists your purchased apps by project. You can drill down to specific apps and download them.

Here are the steps for downloading an app in the Purchased Apps UI:

  1. Navigate to the Purchased Apps page via the Marketplace website or

    Marketplace website: Go to and sign in. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select Purchased Apps. Go to and sign in. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner, select Account Home from the menu, and select Apps in the navigation panel on the left.

    You can manage your purchased apps from the Marketplace and your account home page.

  2. Select a project to view its registered apps.

    A Liferay project is a space where teammates share apps they have purchased or developed. If you have the necessary permissions, you can create new projects for your company.

  3. Click the icon of the app you’re downloading. A listing for the purchased app version appears.

    The app's page provides an App link for downloading the current app version and a Past Versions link for viewing older versions of the app.

  4. If you’re interested in an earlier version of the app, click Past Versions. (Optional)

  5. When you’ve found the app version you want, click App to download it.

The app downloads as an LPKG file. You can install the app via this file.

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