Running and Monitoring A/B Tests

You can configure these parameters when you run the A/B Test:

  • Traffic Split: The percentage of visitors randomly split between the variants when visiting the page. Visitors are randomly assigned to a variant and always see the same Variant until the A/B Test finishes.

  • Confidence Level Required: Represents the accuracy of your test. The higher the required confidence level, the longer it takes to declare the winning Variant.

The Estimated Time to Declare Winner provides an estimation of the test duration. This estimation is based on the Traffic Split and Confidence Level Required configurations, as well as on the estimated page traffic (based on the traffic history provided by Analytics Cloud.)

A/B Test Run Configurations are tunable to your requirements.

After you create the test, review the test status and the history of completed and terminated A/B Tests by clicking the A/B Testing button (A/B Test icon). Starting with Liferay DXP 7.3, you can also view the A/B Test status for an experience through the experience selection dialog.

Liferay DXP only shows your test’s status and the winning Variant when the test finishes. You can manage the other aspects of your A/B Test in Analytics Cloud. For more information, see A/B Testing in the the Analytics Cloud documentation.

When the A/B Test finishes, you can review the test results and publish the preferred test Variant. For more information, read Reviewing A/B Test Results and Publishing Test Variants.

Running the A/B Test


Before running the test, you must create the A/B Test and test Variant. For more information, read Creating A/B Tests.

  1. Go to the Content Page where you want to run the A/B Test

  2. In the Control Menu, click the A/B Testing button (A/B Test icon).

  3. If you have other Experiences for the Content Page, select the Experience.

  4. Under the Active Test section, click Review and Run Test.

  5. Optionally, configure the Traffic Split and Confidence Level Required settings for your test.

  6. Click Run and then click OK.

You can cancel a running test at any time by clicking Terminate Test. A record of the tests completed or canceled is available under the History tab. To delete an A/B Test, you must terminate the test first.