Reviewing A/B Test Results and Publishing Test Variants

When the A/B Test finishes, you can find the test results in Analytics Cloud and Liferay DXP. Analytics Cloud declares a winning variant when the Confidence Level Required is achieved during the duration of the test. To understand how to configure the Confidence Level Required for your test, see Creating A/B Tests.


You receive a notification in Liferay when the A/B Test finishes.

To review the A/B Test results and publish your Variant,

  1. Go to the Content Page where the A/B Test is running.

  2. In the Control Menu, click the A/B Testing flask icon (A/B Test icon). Starting with Liferay DXP 7.3, you can also access the A/B Test panel (via the flask icon) and view the test status for an experience through the experience selection dialog.

  3. If you have other Experiences for the Content Page, select the Experience.

  4. Review the test results under the Active Test section:

    • Winner Declared: One of the test variants met the Confidence Level Required.

    • No Winner: None of the test variants met the Confidence Level Required for the duration of the test.

    Review A/B Test Results from the A/B Test panel

  5. From the Variants section, you can

    • Publish the winning Variant, which is highlighted with the check mark.

    • Publish a non-winning variant.

    • Discard Test, to ignore the A/B Test recommendations and keep the current Content Page.

      You can publish the winning Variant or discard the A/B Test results.


    When you publish one of the A/B Test Variants, the Variant becomes active for all users visiting the Content Page.

You can click the View Data in Analytics Cloud button from the A/B Tests panel to go to the Analytics Cloud dashboard and view other test statistics. For more information, see A/B Testing Analytics.