Creating and Managing Display Page Templates

Available: Liferay DXP/Portal 7.3+

A Display Page Template specifies the layout and formatting for your content and displays it at a unique friendly URL. To learn more about Display Page Templates and Display Pages, read Displaying Content with Display Page Templates.


Display Page Templates are only supported for Web Content, Documents, Blog Entries, and Categories (starting with Liferay DXP 7.4.)

Creating a Display Page Template

  1. Open the Product Menu and click DesignPage Templates.

  2. Click the Display Page Templates tab.

    Go to Page Templates, and click on the Display Page Templates tab.

  3. Click Add (Add).

  4. Enter a Name for your template and select a Content Type and Subtype, if applicable. Then click Save.

    Select the content type and subtype for your new template.

  5. Add element in the Display Page Template editor using the same interface and page elements as Content Pages.

    Build your template using Fragments and Widgets.

  6. Once you’ve added Page elements, you can map them to content structure fields (e.g., title, description) by double-clicking on an editable field.


    Mapped fields are outlined in purple color.

    Map Page elements to structure fields.

    See Configuring SEO and Open Graph to learn about using these mapped structure fields when configuring SEO and Open Graph settings for your Display Page.

  7. Before publishing, you can preview your editable fields mappings with existing content using the preview function (available in Liferay DXP 7.4+.)

  8. When finished, click Publish to save your work.

You can now publish your content with the Display Page Template.

Preview the Display Page Template Content Mappings

Available: Liferay DXP/Portal 7.4+.

  1. From the Product Menu, click the Preview With drop-down menu and choose Select Other Item.

    Choose the content you want to use to preview your Display Page Template.

  2. In the Select dialog, click the content you want to use to preview the Display Page Template.

  3. Alternatively, from the Display Page Template editor, click the Preview (Preview) button and choose the content you want to preview.

    Click the Preview button to preview your Display Page Template mappings.

Viewing Display Page Template Usage

Available: Liferay DXP/Portal 7.4+

You can manage the different Display Page Templates using the Actions menu (Actions). From here, the View Usages option provides a list of content that uses a specific Display Page Template.


The View Usages option does not provide the usage of content assigned to the default Display Page Template.

Managing your Display Page Template using the Actions menu

Before you delete a Display Page Template in use by some of your content, you have two ways to unassign the Display Page Template from the content:

  • Assign to Default: Your content is unassigned from the current Display Page Template and assigned to the default Display Page Template for the content type and subtype (if applicable.)

  • Unassign: Your content is not assigned to any Display Page Template.

To view your Display Page Template usage and unassign your content,

  1. Open the Product Menu and go to DesignPage Templates.

  2. Click the Display Page Templates tab.

  3. Click the Display Page Template’s Actions menu (Actions) and select View Usages.

  4. From the list of content using the Display Page Template, select one or more elements.

  5. Click the Actions menu (Actions) in the top-right corner and select Assign to Default or Unassigned.

  6. Click OK.

If you assign your content to a new Display Page Template, make sure the content appears as expected. To preview and publish your content, see Publishing Content with Display Pages.