Manually Translating Content Pages

Liferay integrates translation functionality with Content Pages, so you can create engaging, localized experiences for your global users. Users with the required permissions can manually translate Site content to any available language. You can also integrate the translation process with custom workflows to streamline the review and publication process for new translations.


When translating a Content Page, users can only translate a Page’s name and inline fragments (e.g. HTML, Header, etc.) and cannot translate Widgets or fragments containing content mappings.

To translate Content Pages, users must have either Update permission for Content Pages or translations permissions for one or more languages.

Translating Content Pages

  1. Open the Site menu, and go to Site BuilderPages.

  2. Click the Actions menu ( Actions Button ) for the Content Page you want to translate and select Translate.

    Selecting translate redirects you to the content translation interface.

    This redirects you to the content translation interface, where you can view the content’s original text alongside your translation. The left column displays the language you’re translating from, and the right column provides editable fields you can use for your translation.

  3. Use the language flags to determine the languages you’re using.

    Users with Update permissions for Content Pages can translate the original text into any language.

    Users with translate permissions can only translate the origin text into languages for which they have permission.

    Use the language flags to determine the languages you're translating.

  4. Enter your translation into the desired fields.

  5. Click Publish to create a new version of the Content Pages or initiate a workflow, if it’s enabled.

    Alternatively, click Save as Draft to save and publish your translation at a later time.