Adding Elements to Content Pages

After you create a Content Page, you can add Page widgets and Fragments to define the Page’s content and structure.

  1. Under the Site Menu, go to Site BuilderPages.

  2. Click Add (Add Page) at the level where you want to add the new Page, and select Add Page.

    Begin by adding your new Content Page.

  3. Select the Blank template or one of the existing templates.

  4. In the Add Page dialog, type your Page’s Name.

  5. Alternatively, click the an existing Content Page’s Actions Menu (Actions) and select Edit.

    Edit an existing Content Page by dropping Fragments or Widgets in the edit area.

  6. From the Content Page sidebar, select Fragments and Widgets (Fragments and Widgets) and start adding the Fragments and Widgets for your content. You can browse for the component or use the Search field to find a specific element.

    Add Fragments and Widgets from the Content Page sidebar.


    New Content Pages start empty and in a Draft status. The Page is not visible until you publish it.

  7. Configure the look and content preferences of the Fragments and Widgets. For more information, see Configuring Fragments.


    In progress work on a Content Page is automatically saved.

  8. Click the Publish button in the top right to make the updates available to the live Page.