Using FragmentsΒΆ

Page fragments are extensible and reusable drag-and-drop elements for building content pages and their related templates (i.e., Masters, pages, and display pages). They are built using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and can provide both structure and functionality to your pages.

Build content pages and templates with fragments.

Liferay provides a variety of fragments out-of-the-box, but you can develop custom fragments using the page fragment editor or Fragments Toolkit. Additionally, you can embed Liferay widgets into fragments or add editable fields. See Developing Page Fragments to learn more.

All page fragments are organized into sets, which group related fragments for easier management and use. Each fragment set can include common resources accessible to all the fragments. See Including Default Resources in Page Fragments for more information.

After adding fragments to a page or template, you can configure and customize them and their sub-elements. These options can vary, though some are common to all. See Configuring Fragments to learn more about available options.

Default Fragments Reference
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Configuring Fragments
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Editing Fragment Elements
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