Default Setting Changes in 7.3

Most new versions of Liferay DXP include changes to the default settings. If you rely on the defaults from your old version, you should review the changes and decide to keep the defaults from your old version or accept the defaults of the new.

The latest portal properties reference describes the properties and provides examples. Many properties are now replaced by OSGi configuration files, which are accessible through the UI in System Settings.

Here are the changes from 7.2 to 7.3:

Portal Property 7.2 Default 7.3 Default [email protected] [email protected] NA com/liferay/portlet/admin/dependencies/email_user_added_reset_password_body.tmpl NA com/liferay/portlet/admin/dependencies/email_password_changed_subject.tmpl NA com/liferay/portlet/admin/dependencies/email_password_changed_body.tmpl Removed in a 7.2 follow-up release Removed com/liferay/portlet/admin/dependencies/email_password_sent_subject.tmpl Removed com/liferay/portlet/admin/dependencies/email_password_sent_body.tmpl Removed See here dropped captcha.engine.recaptcha.key.private
auto.deploy.listeners See here Removed
auto.deploy.glassfish.* See here Removed
auto.deploy.jetty.* See here Removed
auto.deploy.jonas.* See here Removed
auto.deploy.resin.* See here Removed
axis.servlet.enabled NA false
axis.servlet.mapping NA /api/axis/* See here See the values in Blogs Service.
blogs.image.extensions .gif,.jpeg,.jpg,.png Removed
blogs.image.max.size 5242880 Removed
buffered.increment.enabled true Removed. See the breaking change.
cache.clear.on.context.initialization true Removed See here Removed See here jgroups/udp_control.xml See here jgroups/udp_transport.xml false Removed
dl.file.entry.preview.fork.process.jvm.options NA blank. See Document Library Service.
editor.wysiwyg.portal-web.docroot.html.portlet.message_boards.edit_message.bb_code.jsp alloyeditor_bbcode Removed
editor.wysiwyg.portal-web.docroot.html.portlet.message_boards.edit_message.html.jsp alloyeditor Removed
ehcache.blocking.cache.allowed false Removed. See the breaking change.
ehcache.bootstrap.cache.loader.enabled false Removed. See the breaking change. blank Removed. See the breaking change. true false
include-and-override See here Removed overrides
index.on.upgrade false Removed
hibernate.validator.apply_to_ddl NA false. See Hibernate.
json.deserialization.whitelist.class.names See this section Added values.
json.service.serialize.throwable NA New. See JSON.
jsonws.web.service.paths.excludes blank /user/update-password
jsonws.web.service.parameter.type.whitelist.class.names NA New. See JSON Web Service.
jsp.servlet.init.param.enablePooling NA false
layout.parallel.render.* properties See here Removed. See the breaking change.
Layout settings for panel layouts, embedded layouts, and URL layouts See the properties. Removed
mail.send.blacklist NA New. See Mail.
mail.session.mail.smtp.starttls.enable NA true. See Mail.
module.framework.configuration.bundle.symbolic.names NA New. See here NA 60 NA true NA 60000* See here Renamed to* See here Added com.sun.imageio.plugins.; removed javax.validation and javax.validation. NA 100000 NA false See here Added com.liferay.trash.kernel.service.*
module.framework.web.generator.default.servlet.packages See here Removed org.eclipse.jetty.websocket.server and org.glassfish.tyrus.servlet
module.framework.web.generator.excluded.paths See here Added WEB-INF/lib/jackson-databind.jar and WEB-INF/lib/portletmvc4spring-framework.jar; dropped WEB-INF/lib/spring-webmvc-portlet.jar
module.framework.web.servlet.annotation.scanning.blacklist NA See Module Framework Web Application Bundles
module.framework.web.servlet.annotation.scanning.whitelist NA com/liferay/faces/
module.framework.web.start.level NA 15. See Module Framework.
permissions.object.blocking.cache false Removed. See this breaking change.
portal.resiliency.* See here Removed 100 0
session.phishing.protected.attributes See here added SETUP_WIZARD_PASSWORD_UPDATED
session.shared.attributes See here dropped org.apache.struts.action.LOCALE
setup.database.jar.url[com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver] http* https*
spring.configs See here dropped META-INF/fabric-spring.xml and META-INF/asset-spring.xml
spring.remoting.servlet.* Removed in a 7.2 follow-up release Removed
system.role.Analytics.Administrator.description NA See Groups and Roles NA false. See the breaking change. false Removed the breaking change.
value.object.entity.blocking.cache true Removed. See the breaking change. true Removed. See the breaking change. true Removed. See the breaking change.
value.object.finder.cache.enabled.* See here Removed. See the breaking change.
verify.processes See here Removed
verify.frequency See here Removed
verify.database.transactions.disabled See here Removed
view.count.enabled NA true. See the breaking change.
work.dir.override.enabled NA false. See Work Directory.