Default Setting Changes in 7.2

Default Setting Changes in 7.2

Most new versions of Liferay include changes to the default settings. If you rely on the defaults from your old version, you should review the changes and decide to keep the defaults from your old version or accept the defaults of the new.

Default Portal Property Changes

Here are the default Portal Property changes from 7.1 to 7.2:

Portal Property 7.1 Default 7.2 Default
hot.deploy.listeners see value dropped
spring.configs see value dropped META-INF/cluster-spring.xml, META-INF/comment-spring.xml, META-INF/monitoring-spring.xml
jdbc.default.driverClassName com.mysql.jdbc.Driver com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver
jdbc.default.url see value added &serverTimezone=GMT
ehcache.multi.vm.config.location /ehcache/liferay-multi-vm-clustered.xml /ehcache/liferay-multi-vm.xml true false
locales see value added kk_KZ and ta_IN
locales.beta see value added iw_IL, kk_KZ, and ta_IN; dropped ar_SA and sv_SE
locales.enabled added ar_SA and sv_SE; dropped iw_IL 0 10
default.guest.public.layout.nam Welcome Home Welcome My Dashboard
default.user.public.layout.nam Welcome My Profile
default.user.public.layout.column-1 blank com_liferay_contacts_web_portlet_ProfilePortlet true false
setup.database.driverClassName[mysql] com.mysql.jdbc.Driver com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver
setup.database.jar.url[com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver] see value dropped com.liferay.portal.cache.thread.local.ThreadLocalCacheAdvice, com.liferay.portal.dao.jdbc.util.DataSourceSwapper, com.liferay.portal.dao.jdbc.util.DataSourceSwapper, com.liferay.portal.messaging.async.AsyncAdvice, com.liferay.portal.resiliency.service.PortalResiliencyAdvice,,, com.liferay.portal.systemevent.SystemEventAdvice, org.aopalliance.*
module.framework.system.packages.extra see value added com.mysql.cj.jdbc see value added com.liferay.expando.kernel.model
module.framework.web.generator.excluded.paths see value dropped WEB-INF/lib/aopalliance.jar and WEB-INF/lib/aopalliance-1.0.jar
com.liferay.portal.servlet.filters.strip.StripFilter true false
login.create.account.allow.custom.password false true

Default Settings Changed in 7.1

Portal Property 7.0 Default 7.1 Default
portlet.add.default.resource.check.whitelist see value see value
spring.configs see value added META-INF/security-spring.xml; dropped META-INF/message-boards-spring.xml, META-INF/security-spring.xml, and META-INF/service-configurator-spring.xml
javascript.barebone.files see value blank
javascript.everything.files see value blank false true renamed
session.timeout 30 15
session.phishing.protected.attribute see value added OPEN_ID_CONNECT_SESSION
auth.token.ignore.actions see value dropped /login/login userdashboard_WAR_userdashboardtheme classic_WAR_classictheme userprofile_WAR_userprofiletheme classic_WAR_classictheme
layout.friendly.url.keywords see value added a
editor.wysiwyg.portal-web.docroot.html.portlet.announcements.edit_entry.jsp ckeditor alloyeditor
editor.wysiwyg.portal-web.docroot.html.portlet.message_boards.edit_message.bb_code.jsp ckeditor_bbcode alloyeditor_bbcode
editor.wysiwyg.portal-web.docroot.html.portlet.message_boards.edit_message.html.jsp ckeditor alloyeditor
browser.cache.disabled false true false true renamed see value added javax.validation, javax.validation., jdk., weblogic.jndi, weblogic.jndi.* org.quartz.simpl.SimpleJobFactory org.quartz.simpl.PropertySettingJobFactory org.quartz.simpl.SimpleJobFactory org.quartz.simpl.PropertySettingJobFactory
com.liferay.portal.servlet.filters.jsoncontenttype.JSONContentTypeFilter true false
dl.entry.columns see value added document-type
ratings.upgrade.thumbs.class.names see value replace com.liferay.message.boards.kernel.model.* with com.liferay.message.boards.model.* in values

Default Settings Changed in 7.0

Here are some properties that have changed since version 6.2:

Portal Property 6.2 Default 7.0 Default
verify.process.concurrency.threshold 3 5
auto.deploy.listeners see value dropped,,,,
hot.deploy.listeners see value added
portlet.add.default.resource.check.whitelist see value see value
portlet.add.default.resource.check.whitelist.actions see value blank
portlet.interrupted.request.whitelist.actions /language/view blank false true
resource.actions.configs see value added META-INF/resource-actions/default.xml
model.hints.configs replaced META-INF/portlet-model-hints.xml with classpath*:META-INF/portlet-model-hints.xml
spring.configs see value see value
jdbc.default.* see value see value
transactional.cache.names see value see value
ehcache.* see value see value
javascript.barebone.files see value see value
javascript.everything.files see value dropped liferay/address.js and liferay/dockbar.js
javascript.bundle.dir[javascript.barebone.files] /html/js /
javascript.bundle.dir[javascript.everything.files] /html/js /
SQL Data replace* with*
company.settings.form.authentication see value blank
locales see value added th_TH
locales.beta see value dropped nl_NL
locales.enabled see value added nl_NL
locale.use.default.if.not.available true false
time.zones see value added Australia/Perth, Australia/Eucla, Australia/Lord_Howe
Look and Feel see value see value
session.phishing.protected.attributes see value added CAS_LOGIN
LDAP props see value see value 58 com_liferay_login_web_portlet_LoginPortlet
auth.public.paths see value see value
Authentication Token see value see value
auth.token.ignore.portlets 82 blank
Passwords see value see value
permissions.inline.sql.resource.block.query.threshhold renamed permissions.inline.sql.resource.block.query.threshold
Captcha props see value see value see value see value
Portal Events see value see value
Default * Layouts see value see value
layout.friendly.url.keywords see value added sprite and user; dropped software_catalog*
layout.parallel.render.thread.pool.core.thread.count 0 1
layout.set.prototype.propagate.logo true false
Editors see value see value* props renamed*
Lucene Search see value see value
Setup Wizard see value see value* props renamed** props renamed*
Audit Message see value see value
Cluster Link see value see value renamed
com.liferay.portal.service.http.TunnelUtil.verify.ssl.hostname renamed com.liferay.portal.kernel.service.http.TunnelUtil.verify.ssl.hostname
JSON props see value see value
Lock see value see value
Module Framework see value see value
Quartz see value see value 10 25
Staging see value see value
virtual.hosts.ignore.paths see value added /c/portal/edit_layout; dropped /c/layouts_admin/update_page
xuggler.jar.file[64-win] see value see value
xuggler.jar.url see value see value
com.liferay.portal.servlet.filters.gzip.GZipFilter=false true false true false
admin.default.role.names Power User\nUser User see value see value
Blogs Portlet and Service see value see value
blogs.trackback.enabled true false
Discussion Tag Library see value see value
Document Library Portlet and Service see value see value
dl.file.entry.thumbnail.max.height 128 300
dl.file.entry.thumbnail.max.width 128 300
login.form.navigation.pre see value see value see value see value
Message Boards Service see value see value
Ratings Tag Library see value see value

The latest portal properties reference provides property details and examples. Many properties are now replaced by OSGi configurations, which are accessible through the UI in System Settings.