Exporting Assets List To a Spreadsheet

The Content Dashboard can export a spreadsheet (.xls file) of content related metadata for further analysis.

To export the asset list to a spreadsheet follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Global Menu and, under the Content area, click Content Dashboard.

    If the Global Menu is disabled, open the Site Menu and go to ContentContent Dashboard.

  2. Click on Export XLS to download the asset list.

Click the Export XLS button to begin the export process.

While generating the file, the Export XLS button will show a loading state along with a button to cancel the export process. If you click on the Cancel Export the exporting process stops and shows a message: XLS generation was cancelled.

When the export process is done, the Export XLS button shows the message XLS Generated.

Once the export process begins, it can be cancelled by clicking Cancel Export.


Navigating away from the page while the .xls file is being generated will stop the export process. The system prompts the user before leaving the page.

A prompt appears to confirm navigating away from the page while an export is being processed.

XLS File Content

All metadata is exported from contents and documents, so the .xls file will contain the following columns:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Type

  • Subtype

  • Site or Asset Library

  • Status

  • Categories

  • Tags

  • Modified Date

  • Description

  • Extension

  • File Name

  • Size

  • Display Date

  • Creation Date

  • Languages Translated Into


The available metadata present in the .xls file differs between content types. For example, an image will not display anything in the “Languages Translated Into” cell, as an image cannot be translated.