Using the Wiki Display Widget

Users can use the Wiki Display widget to highlight a specific wiki page regardless of whether it is a top level page or a child page. To use the Wiki Display widget:

  1. Navigate to the site page where the Wiki widget has been deployed.

  2. Click AddWidgets.

  3. Expand Wiki.

    Adding the Wiki Display widget

  4. Drag and drop the Wiki Display widget to the desired location on the site page. Note that unlike the Wiki widget, multiple Wiki Display widgets can be deployed on a page.

    Multiple Wiki Display widgets on a site page

  5. Click Please configure this portlet to make it visible to all users.

  6. On the Setup tab, select Main from the Node dropdown menu.

  7. Select the wiki page from the Page dropdown menu. Wiki pages can be either a top-level page or a child page.

    Wiki Display widget configuration

  8. Click Save and close the window.

Wiki Display widget displays an article.

The Wiki Display widget now displays the selected Wiki Page.

Additional Information