Using the Tree Menu Widget

The Tree Menu widget lists all the wiki pages and child pages in a particular node. To use the Tree Menu widget:

  1. Navigate to the site page where the Wiki widget has been deployed.

  2. Click AddWidgets.

  3. Expand Wiki.

    Adding the Tree Menu widget to the page

  4. Drag and drop the Tree Menu widget to the desired location on the page.

    Tree Menu widget

Once the Tree Menu widget has been added to a page, it lists all the pages and child pages in the Main node by default. To switch to another node:

  1. Mouse over the widget’s border and click Options (icon-options).

  2. Click Configurations.

  3. On the Setup tab, select New Node from the Node dropdown menu.

  4. Select All from Depth dropdown menu.

    Tree Menu widget configuration

  5. Click Save and close the window.

Tree Menu widget configuration

Additional Information