Product Details

The Product Details page displays important information of a product. The Product Details page can contain information such as a short description about the product, its specifications, and product images. The Product Details page may also contain links to related products.

The sample page highlighted below is using the Minium Accelerator and contains the Product Details, Product Publisher, and the Product Comparison Bar widgets.

The sample Product Details page available in Minium.


The Product Comparison Bar widget becomes active only when you select one or more products.

In the above image, the Product Publisher widget is configured to display similar items that have the same Categories and Tags. Store administrators can change the contents of this widget to display other types of related products. For more information, see Related Products, Upsells, and Cross-Sells.

The configuration of the Product Publisher widget.


The Product Details widget and the Product Publisher widget support Liferay’s Adaptive Media out-of-the-box. See Serving Device and Screen Optimized Media for more information.

Additional Information