Viewing the Analytics Dashboard

The home of your workspace is a dashboard of your websites’ analytics performance. This dashboard gives you a summary of how your website is doing overall and is the entry point for diving deeper into analysis of your site’s Pages, Assets, and People

The Analytics Dashboard presents an overview of your site's analytics data.

The Dashboard is also the starting point for a variety of workspace management and configuration tasks. If you have not connected your workspace during the Onboarding Process, see the steps below.

Connecting a DXP Site to Analytics Cloud

The first task for a new workspace is to connect it to a Data Source. Analytics Cloud is built to use Liferay DXP Sites as a key data source. See Connecting Liferay DXP Sites to Analytics Cloud to learn more.

Inviting Others to Your Workspace

As a workspace owner or admin, you can invite your colleagues to the workspace. Invited users can be configured to help setup and configure data sources, create segments, or simply view analytics reports.

See Managing Users to learn more about adding users to your workspace.

Configure Settings for Your Workspace

Most of the important settings are configured when you created the workspace. However there are other settings worth reviewing for your workspace.

  • Data Definitions

  • Data Control and Privacy

  • APIs

  • Workspace Usage Monitoring

  • Workspace Settings

You will begin to see analytics data once your workspace is connected. For example, view Site specific analytics on the Sites dashboard. To see more about your workspace settings, see Managing Workspaces.

Language Menu Option

The UI for Analytics Cloud currently supports English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. To change your language settings,

  1. Click on your user name at the bottom of the dashboard. Then click Language.

    Click on your user name, then click Language.

  2. Select the language. Refresh the page. The dashboard and menu is now in the selected language.