Connecting Liferay DXP to Analytics Cloud

To begin the setup process, there are a few requirements:

  1. You need a account. If you don’t have a Liferay account, you can Create an account.

  2. When you visit for the first time, you must set up multi-factor authentication for the account. If you need help, see Multi-Factor Authentication.

  3. Your Liferay DXP installation must meet one of the following minimum versions:

    • 7.4 (Any version)

    • 7.3 Fix Pack 1

    • 7.2 Fix Pack 11

    • 7.1 Fix Pack 22

    • 7.0 Fix Pack 98

  4. You must have access to at least one Analytics Cloud workspace. Note, as a paid Analytics Cloud user, you should see your workspace upon login. If you don’t, contact support through or email us at

Connection Token

Next, get your Analytics Cloud token and use it to connect your Liferay instance. Liferay Analytics Cloud and Liferay DXP connect via a secure, encrypted token. It’s generated by Analytics Cloud and must be copied and pasted into your Liferay DXP configuration.

  1. Log into Analytics Cloud. Select your workspace. If it’s your first time logging in, you see an onboarding guide. Click Next and you’re shown the Analytics Cloud token in the next screen. Click the Copy icon (copy icon) to copy the token to your clipboard.

    You see an onboarding guide upon first login.

    If you canceled out of the onboarding guide, navigate to SettingsData Sources. Click Add Data Source. Select Liferay DXP and the Analytics Cloud token appears. Click the Copy icon (copy icon) to copy the token to your clipboard.

  2. Log into your Liferay DXP instance. Open the Global Menu (Global Menu). Navigate to ConfigurationInstance Settings. Under Platform, click Analytics Cloud. Paste the Analytics Cloud token in the field and click Connect.

    Copy the token and click the connect button.


    On Liferay DXP 7.0, Analytics Cloud Admin is under ConfigurationAnalytics Cloud.

  3. Upon successful connection, the following message appears at the bottom left of your screen:

    Success: Your request completed successfully

Congratulations, your Liferay instance is now connected to Analytics Cloud!

The next step is syncing your Liferay site and your contacts. See Syncing Sites and Contacts and follow the steps.