Accessing Your Workspace

After setting up your multi-factor authentication, a list of workspaces that you belong to, or can request access to appears. If you do not see a workspace, please make sure the workspace administrator already added you to a workspace, or you can sign up for a new workspace.

Select the workspace to access.

Workspaces that have the Configuration Required label require the Workspace Owner to click through and fill out the appropriate configurations in order for the workspace to function and be accessible.

Additional workspaces may be accessible if your login email address maps to a workspaces Allowed Email Domains. These workspaces will be listed at the bottom section. Clicking on the Request Access button sends a request to the Workspace Admin. Once approved by the Workspace Admin, you can start using the workspace as well.

Click on any workspace that you have access to will directly take you to the home of your Analytics Cloud workspace.

Onboarding Process

If this is a new workspace, you will see an onboarding guide upon entering for the first time. The guide will help you connect Analytics Cloud to your Liferay DXP instance.

Follow the onboarding guide to connect to your Liferay DXP instance.

After successful connection, invite others to access to your new workspace.

After successful connection, invite others to join the workspace