Using the Gogo Shell

Using the Gogo Shell

The Gogo shell provides a way to interact with the module framework. Among other things, you can

  • Dynamically install/uninstall bundles (modules)
  • Examine package dependencies
  • Examine extension points
  • List service references

The Control Panel is the safest, most secure way to access Gogo shell:

  1. Open the Global Menu (icon).

  2. Select the Control Panel tab.

  3. Click Gogo Shell in the System section.

    The Gogo shell command screen appears.

    Gogo shell in the Control Panel


    In DXP 7.2, open the Control Panel and navigate to ConfigurationGogo Shell

  4. Enter a Gogo shell command in the g! text field. For example, enter lb | grep "Liferay Announcements API" to list information about the Announcements API bundle.

  5. Click Execute.

    The command result output appears.

    The Output section shows the command result.


The Gogo shell is extremely powerful and can manipulate the platform’s core functionality. Only grant Gogo shell access to trusted administrators. Please see Understanding Roles and Permissions for more information.


Now that you know how to run Gogo shell, explore the available Gogo shell commands. If you’re working in a developer environment, consider Gogo shell from the command line. See Command Line Gogo Shell for more information.