Managing Structures

Managing Structures

You can manage Structures from the Structures Page:

  1. Open the Product Menu and go to the Site Menu heading → Content & DataWeb Content.
  2. Select the Structures tab.
  3. Open the Actions Menu (Action Menu) next to the Structure and select one of the available actions.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes.

Available Actions

You can perform these actions from the Structure’s Actions Menu (Action Menu):

Edit: Opens the Structure so you can update it. See Configuring Structure Fields for more information.

Edit Default Values: Opens a form to set default values for the Structure’s fields. See below for more information.

Manage Templates: Opens the Templates tab with a filtered set of Web Content Templates that use the Structure. From here you can manage (edit, copy, delete, and set permissions for) the Web Content Templates. See Managing Templates for more information.

Permissions: Opens the permissions configuration dialog for the Structure. See Assigning Permissions to Web Content Structures and Templates for more information.

Copy: Opens a form to copy the Structure and set its name. See below for more information.

Delete: Deletes the Structure.

Editing Default Values

You can set the default values for a Structure’s fields. For example, a Structure used for confidential memos may want to include the “confidential” tag for all the articles created with that Structure, or you may want to make the content of all confidential memos non-searchable. From the Structures Page, open the Actions Menu for the Structure:

  1. Choose Edit Default Values.

  2. In the Structure Default Values page, configure the default values for your fields.


    You can restore the original values of the Structure at any time by clicking the Reset Values button at the top.

  3. Click Save to apply the changes.


You can also use the Predefined Value setting for the structure field to set default values. For more information, see Editing and Configuring Structures’ Content)

Copying an Existing Structure

You can copy an existing structure to create a new one. From the Structures Page, open the Actions Menu for the Structure and follow these steps:

  1. Choose Copy.
  2. Type a new Name for the Structure and, optionally, a new Description.
  3. Optionally check the Copy Templates box if you want to copy the Web Content Templates associated with the Structure.
  4. Click Copy.

Liferay DXP generates a unique ID for the copied Structure. The new copy inherits all the attributes from the original Structure, including the name. To avoid confusing the copy with the original, use a different name for the copy.