Enabling Optimization of Animated GIFs

Enabling Optimization of Animated GIFs

To scale animated GIFs, Adaptive Media uses an external tool called Gifsicle. If Gifsicle isn’t installed and image/gif is included as a supported MIME type, Adaptive Media scales only one frame of the GIF, making a static GIF.

Optimizing animated GIFs using Adaptive Media requires three steps: installing Gifsicle on your local server where DXP is running, setting the PATH environment variable, and then enabling Gifsicle in DXP’s System Settings.

  1. Install Gifsicle and add it to path of the server environment.

  2. Navigate to the Global MenuControl Panel.

    Navigate to the Control Panel.

  3. Click System Settings.

  4. Click Adaptive Media.

    Access the Adaptive Media system settings.

  5. Click Images in the left navigation under System Scope.

  6. Scroll down and and then click the box next to Gifsicle Enabled.

    Enable Gifsicle.

  7. Click Save when finished.

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