Enabling FFmpeg for Audio and Video Previews

Enabling FFmpeg for Audio and Video Previews

Documents and Media provides integration with the FFmpeg multimedia framework for generating audio and video file previews. To use this integration, you must first install FFmpeg on your server. If you’re working in a clustered environment, FFmpeg must be installed on each node.


Previously, Liferay used Xuggler to generate video and audio previews. However, the Xuggler library is currently unmaintained. As of Liferay 7.4, users are advised to use FFmpeg for generating previews.

Once installed, follow these steps to configure Documents and Media to use FFmpeg:

  1. Open the Global Menu (Global Menu), and go to Control PanelSystem SettingsDocuments and Media.

  2. Go to FFMPEG Audio Converter, check Enable, and click Update.

  3. Go to FFMPEG Video Converter, check Enable, and click Update.

    Enable both FFMPEG Audio Converter and FFMPEG Video Converter.

    If FFmpeg is installed correctly on your system, Liferay displays a success message after clicking Update. Otherwise, Liferay displays an error message.

    Liferay displays an error message if FFmpeg is not installed.

Once configured, audio and video previews are automatically generated for audio and video files at upload or update.

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