Using Liferay Util Get URL

Using Liferay Util Get URL

The get URL tag scrapes the URL provided by the url attribute. If a value is provided for the var attribute, the content from the screen scrape is scoped to that variable. Otherwise, the scraped content is displayed where the taglib is used.

A basic configuration for the <liferay-util:get-url> tag is shown below:

<liferay-util:get-url url="" />

Here is an example that uses the var attribute:

<liferay-util:get-url url="" var="Liferay" />

				<h2>We borrowed <a href="">Liferay</a>. Here it is.</h2>

				<div class="Liferay">
								<%= Liferay %>

You can use the Liferay Util Get URL tag to scrape URLs.

Now you know how to use the <liferay-util:get-url> tag to scrape URLs.