Liferay UI Icon Help

Liferay UI Icon Help

The icon help tag lets you communicate additional information to your users in an unobtrusive way. It renders as an iconic question mark that provides more information through a pop-up tooltip on mouse over. You can see an example of this in the Control Panel:

Here's an example of the icon help tag.


If you have installed a custom theme you may also need to add the following imports to your view.jsp to make liferay-ui:icon-help tag work:

<%@ taglib uri=“” prefix=“liferay-theme”%> <liferay-theme:defineObjects />

Add the <liferay-ui:icon-help/> tag next to the UI that needs tooltip information. Define the informational text with the required message attribute. Below is an example snippet for one of the Server Administration’s clean up actions:

    <liferay-ui:message key="clean-up-permissions" />
    <liferay-ui:icon-help message="clean-up-permissions-help" />

help icons are used throughout the Control Panel.

Note that the message is supplied via a language key. While you can use a string for the tooltip’s message for testing purposes, a language key is considered best practice and should be used in production.