Liferay Front-end Management Bar

Liferay Front-end Management Bar

The Management Bar gives administrators control over search container results. It lets you filter, sort, and choose a display style for search results, so you can quickly identify the document, web content, asset entry, or whatever you’re looking for in your app. The Management Bar is fully customizable, so you can implement all the controls, or just the ones your app requires.

The Management Bar lets the user customize how the app displays content.


The Liferay Front-end Management Bar is deprecated as of @[email protected] We recommend that you use the Clay Management Toolbar instead.

The Management Bar has a few key sections. Each section is grouped and configured using different taglibs:

The <liferay-frontend:management-bar-buttons> tag wraps the Management Bar’s button elements:

The management-bar-buttons tag contains the Management Bar's main buttons.

The <liferay-frontend:management-bar-sidenav-toggler-button> tag implements slide-out navigation for the info button.

The <liferay-frontend:management-bar-display-buttons> tag renders the app’s display style options.

The management-bar-display-buttons tag contains the content's display options.

The <liferay-frontend:management-bar-filters> tag wraps the app’s filtering options. This filter should be included in all control panel applications. Filtering options can include sort criteria, sort ordering, and more.

The management-bar-filters tag contains the content filtering options.

Finally, the <liferay-frontend:management-bar-action-buttons> tag wraps the actions that you can execute over selected items. You can select multiple items between pages. The management bar keeps track of the number of selected items for you.

The management bar keeps track of the items selected and displays the actions to execute on them.

For example, here’s the Management Bar configuration in the Trash app:

   includeCheckBox="<%= true %>"
       <liferay-frontend:management-bar-sidenav-toggler-button />

       <liferay-portlet:actionURL name="changeDisplayStyle"
           <portlet:param name="redirect" value="<%= currentURL %>" />

           displayViews='<%= new String[] {"descriptive", "icon",
           "list"} %>'
           portletURL="<%= changeDisplayStyleURL %>"
           selectedDisplayStyle="<%= trashDisplayContext.getDisplayStyle()

           navigationKeys='<%= new String[] {"all"} %>'
           portletURL="<%= trashDisplayContext.getPortletURL() %>"

           orderByCol="<%= trashDisplayContext.getOrderByCol() %>"
           orderByType="<%= trashDisplayContext.getOrderByType() %>"
           orderColumns='<%= new String[] {"removed-date"} %>'
           portletURL="<%= trashDisplayContext.getPortletURL() %>"

       <liferay-frontend:management-bar-sidenav-toggler-button />

       <liferay-frontend:management-bar-button href="javascript:;"
       icon="trash" id="deleteSelectedEntries" label="delete" />