IFrame YAML Configuration Reference

IFrame YAML Configuration Reference

You can define an IFrame client extension with a client-extension.yaml file.

Data Usage

This client-extension.yaml file defines an IFrame client extension:

    name: Able IFrame
    type: iframe
    url: https://arnab-datta.github.io/counter-app

The required url property points to the HTML page to embed within the IFrame widget.

The example workspace includes a complete IFrame client extension.

YAML Properties

These properties are specific to IFrame client extensions:

Name Data Type Default Value Description
friendlyURLMapping String The mapping of a friendly URL prefix to the specific IFrame widget.
portletCategoryName String The menu category of the IFrame widget.
url URL (Required) The complete URL to the HTML page to embed within the IFrame widget.
instanceable True/false false Whether the IFrame widget can appear multiple times on a page.

See Front-end Client Extension Properties for properties common to all front-end client extensions.

Additional Information