Custom Element YAML Configuration Reference

Custom Element YAML Configuration Reference

You can define a custom element client extension with a client-extension.yaml file.

Usage Details

This client-extension.yaml file defines a custom element client extension:

        - style.css
    friendlyURLMapping: vanilla-counter
    htmlElementName: vanilla-counter
    instanceable: false
    name: Able Custom Element
    portletCategoryName: category.client-extensions
    type: customElement
        - index.js
    useESM: false

The required urls property specifies one or more paths to JavaScript resources. One of these JavaScript resources must contain the custom element initialization code.

The example workspace contains a complete custom element client extension.

YAML Properties

These properties are specific to custom element client extensions:

Name Data Type Default Value Description
cssURLs String[] (partial URLs) [] List of CSS paths added to the HTML head when the custom element is used on a page.
friendlyURLMapping String Mapping of a friendly URL prefix to the specific custom element widget.
htmlElementName String The HTML element name that refers to the custom element, which is rendered in the page markup.
instanceable True/false false Whether the custom element widget can appear multiple times on a page.
portletCategoryName String category.client-extensions The menu category of the custom element widget.
properties String[] [] Properties to append as attributes to the custom HTML element. They use a newline as a separator and are processed as Java properties.
urls String[] (partial URLs) (Required) List of paths to JavaScript resources that are added to the HTML head when the widget is used on a page. One of these resources must contain the custom element initialization code. This combines with baseURL to form a complete URL.
useSM True/false false Whether the JavaScript code uses ESM format. When true, the JavaScript is added to the page with the type="module" property.

See Front-end Client Extension Properties for properties common to all front-end client extensions.

Additional Information