Batch Client Extensions

Batch Client Extensions

Dev Feature

Liferay Experience Cloud and Liferay DXP 7.4+ (self-hosted)

Batch client extensions work with Liferay’s batch engine framework to provide data entities to your Liferay instance. From Liferay’s Import/Export Center, export one instance’s data. Then add it to a batch client extension and deploy it to bring the data into a different Liferay instance.

To enable batch client extensions, add this portal property before starting Liferay:


This is a feature under development. Never enable a dev feature flag in production.

Specify the batch client extension in your client-extension.yaml file:

type: batch

You can export any type of data supported by the batch engine framework from your Liferay instance, including object definitions and workflow definitions. When exporting, choose the JSONT file format. Once the *.batch-engine-data.json file is added to a batch client extension, deploy the built archive to Liferay Experience Cloud or self-hosted Liferay instances.