Adding Team Members to the Project

Adding Team Members to the Project

Marcus has access to the Liferay Cloud console for the whole Delectable Bonsai project, but his staff member, Kyle, also needs access.

Here, you’ll learn how to send invitations for your team members.

Send Team Invitations

Help Marcus add Kyle Klein as a contributor to the team by sending an invitation to his email address.

  1. In the Liferay Cloud console, select your prd environment from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

  2. Click Team.

  3. On the Team page, enter the team member’s email address (e.g., [email protected]).

    Send an invitation to your team member's email address via the Team page.

  4. Select Contributor from the Role drop-down menu for the appropriate role.

  5. Click Send Invite.

Liferay Cloud sends an invitation to the provided email address to join your project. If the invited team members don’t have accounts for the console yet, they must make accounts to accept the invitations.

Repeat this process for your other environments (such as uat) to make sure your team member has access to all of the appropriate environments.


Give your team members roles that are appropriate to their role in each environment. For example, developers should have the Admin role in a dev environment if they are expected to handle all tasks in that environment. Check [Environment Teams and Roles]( for more information.

Next, you’ll set up your GitHub repository so that you can push and deploy changes to your services.