Accessing the Liferay Cloud Console

Accessing the Liferay Cloud Console

The Delectable Bonsai project has been provisioned, but Marcus and his staff must be granted access to it.

Here, you’ll access the Liferay Cloud console so you can start working with your project.

Accept the Project Invitation

When your project has been provisioned, you receive an email from inviting you to your project. Click Accept Invite.

Click the Accept Invite link in the invitation to gain access to the Liferay Cloud console.

The link takes you to the Liferay Cloud console. You must log in to accept the invitation. If you don’t yet have an account, click Sign up and fill out the form.

Click Sign up and fill out the form if you do not yet have an account for the console.

Once you have signed in, the invitation is accepted and you have full access to the project. Logging into the console at any time (or going to shows a list of all the environments you can access.


If your invitation was for a single environment (such as dev or uat) instead of the whole project, only that environment appears in the list. Accept the invitation for all environments to make sure you have access to all of them.

Logging into the console shows you a list of all environments you can access.

Take some time to navigate around the console to familiarize yourself with the available controls. Once you’re ready, proceed to add more team members to your project.