Channels Reference Guide

Channels Reference Guide

Commerce 2.1+

This article provides an overview to the Channels management interface. To create a channel, see Managing Channels.


The General tab is where many important channel settings are located, such as Currency, Order Workflows, Payments, Shipping, and Taxes.


The Details section is where the channel’s name, currency, and Commerce Site Type are set.

The Details tab is where the name, currency, and site type are set.


Users can enable a workflow for buyers and sellers. Users can also enable or disable Guest Checkout and whether the Purchase Order Number is displayed (where applicable).

The Orders tab is where the Workflow is enabled.


Users can set the Shipping Tax Category, the Price Type, and the Discount Target Price Type.

For Price Type, users can determine whether product prices are displayed with either tax included (gross price) or tax excluded (net price).

For Discounts Target, users can determine whether applicable discounts are calculated based on the product’s gross price or net price.

The Prices tab is where the tax categories and prices are set.

Health Checks

Health checks allow users to quickly fix any common setup issues with their store sites, such as missing widgets that are required to have a functioning store.

Health checks allow you to quickly add Commerce portlets or fix issues if you had built the site manually.

Payment Methods

Users can configure which payment methods to use for the channel. In addition, users can use a custom payment engine.

The Payment Methods section allows you to choose which payment method to use.

Shipping Methods

Users can configure the channel’s shipment methods. By default, the flat rate is enabled. Users can also enable a variable rate shipping method. Subscribers can also enable FedEx.

The Shipment Methods section allows you to choose which shipment method to use.

Tax Calculations

Users can configure the channel’s tax calculations. To learn more about setting a tax rate, see Setting Rates for Tax Calculations.

Users can configure the channel's tax calculation.


A channel can be connected to a DXP site. Alternately, a channel can be connected to a non-DXP site, such as Amazon Marketplace. Here, users can select which DXP site to associate the channel.

Select the site associated with the channel.

Notification Queue

Liferay Commerce can be configured to send email notifications that are triggered by a variety of events. When an event triggers a notification (for example, an order is placed), the notification is logged in the channel’s Notification Queue tab. By default, the Liferay Commerce instance checks whether a notification has been sent every 15 minutes and deletes any unsent notifications after 43200 minutes (30 days).

See the Configuring the Commerce Notification Queue article for more information.

Notification Templates

Notification Templates allow users to customize their email notifications and define the triggering events.

To learn more about sending emails notifications, see Sending emails.

To learn more about creating and using notification templates, see Using Notification Templates.

Create notification templates.

Category Display Pages

The Category Display Pages tab displays the list of all Category Display pages created on the store site. A Category Display Page allow users to substitute a specific DXP site page that displays all products tagged in a given Category. Users should first create product categories, associate them with the desired products, and then create the pages.

To learn more about creating DXP site pages, see Creating Pages. To learn more about creating Tags and Categories in general, see Tags and Categories.

Product Display Pages

Product Display Pages operate on a similar premise to Category Display Pages; users can create a specific site page to highlight a specific product instead of the default Catalog page. On the Product Display Pages tab, users can view the list of all Product Display Pages created on the site. See Creating Product Display Pages for more information.

Payment Restrictions

Users can configure which payment methods are restricted for the buyer’s country. (If no billing address is listed, the channel checks the shipping address.) To do so, at least one payment methods must be activated. Check the boxes for each country so that accounts from that country cannot use that payment method.

Payment Restrictions

Shipping Restrictions

Users can configure which shipment methods are restricted for the buyer’s country.

Shipment Restrictions

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