Sites and Site Types

Sites and Site Types


Liferay Commerce deployments consist of a hierarchy of Sites, Pages, Widgets, and Accounts. Creating and configuring a site in Liferay Commerce is one of the first steps to launching a store. You may use an Accelerator to jump start your site, or create a blank site and add the Commerce widgets and pages you require.

Liferay Commerce is built on Liferay Digital Experience Platform. For more information about how Liferay DXP Sites work, see Building a Site.

See the Store Setup Overview for more information on creating a store site.

Site Types

Liferay Commerce uses Liferay Sites in combination with Site Types. Site Types designate your store’s business model and will determine how your storefront works with Accounts.

The following site types are available:

  • B2B: A business-to-business site that requires business accounts. In order to make purchases, individual user accounts must be associated with a business account. Using the Minium accelerator will jump start a site using the B2B site type.

  • B2C: A business-to-consumer site that requires personal accounts. Any authenticated user may make a purchase. Using the Speedwell accelerator (coming soon) will jump start a site using the B2C site type.

  • B2X: A B2C-B2B site recognizes personal and business accounts. Users may be associated with business accounts, but may also make purchases individually.

Setting a Site Type

It is best practice to set a site’s type as soon as you create it and avoid changing it in the future. In Commerce 2.1+, site types are managed on a per-channel basis.

To set your site’s type, navigate to CommerceChannels and click the desired channel. Click the General tab and select the Type from the dropdown menu. Click Save to apply the changes.

Select the Site Type from the Channels settings.

Commerce 2.0 and Below

To set your site’s type, navigate to Site AdministrationCommerceSettings and select the Site Type tab. Select a type from the dropdown menu and click Save.

Select the Site Type from the Site Adminstration Settings.

Changing a site’s type also changes which accounts appear in its Accounts widget. If an instance contains business accounts but a site’s type is set to B2C, those accounts still exist in the database but do not appear in the Accounts widget and are inaccessible to users.

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