Warehouse Reference Guide

Warehouse Reference Guide

To manage warehouses, open the Global Menu (Global Menu) and navigate to CommerceWarehouses.


If you’re using Commerce 2.0 or 2.1, the warehouse settings are located in the Control Panel.


Enter a name and description for the warehouse and activate it using the toggle.

Field Description
Name Name of the warehouse
Description Description of the warehouse
Active Toggle to activate/deactivate the warehouse


You can set the warehouse to serve all the available channels or select specific ones. To do this, click the Eligibility tab and select the Specific Channels radio button. Then, search for a channel and click Select.

Set the warehouse to serve all available channels or select specific ones.

Liferay DXP 7.4 U46/GA46 and Below

Under Channels, you can view the available channels that the warehouse can serve. Use the checkbox to select the desired channels.

Check the channels that the warehouse must serve.

Field Description
Channels List of available channels that the warehouse can serve


Set the warehouses's address.

Field Description
Street 1 First line of address
Street 2 Second line of address
Street 3 Third line of address
Country Dropdown menu to select a country
Region Drop-down menu to select the state or province
Postal Code Field for postal code
City Field for city


Set the warehouses' geolocation.

Field Description
Latitude Latitude coordinate of the warehouse
Longitude Longitude coordinate of the warehouse

The FedEx shipping method uses the warehouse’s geolocation to calculate shipping costs during checkout. When there are multiple warehouses, the Liferay instance chooses the warehouse with the lowest shipping cost.

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