Quotas are the maximum number of resources available for a given Liferay Cloud project. Administrators may configure services and environments to use resources according to project need. (For example, a production environment may be allocated additional CPU cores while a development environment might have fewer cores.)

When a project reaches any of its resource quotas, it is important to note that the production environment will not be affected. However, there will be temporary loss of some functionality depending on which resource has reached the pre-determined quota. For example, reaching the quota for 20 custom domains means administrators will be unable to create a new domain. Reaching the memory quota could generate out of memory errors and a deployment might fail. Real-time Alerts can be configured to to ensure that users are notified before they reach a resource quota.

When Auto-scaling is enabled, reaching certain thresholds will not count against pre-determined quotas.

The following resources are governed by quotas:

  • CPU

  • Memory

  • Custom Domains

  • Collaborators

  • Maximum Number of Cores

  • Instances

  • Maximum Number of Projects

  • Maximum Number of Services

  • Maximum Builds per Day

  • CPU per Service

  • Scale per Service

  • Memory per Service

Resource allocations for the above can be configured in each service’s lcp.json file. See Configuration via LCP.json.

To request an increase in the quota of any type of resource, please open a Help Center ticket.