Logging into Your Liferay Cloud Services

By default, login is required to directly access the web interfaces for the Liferay and Infrastructure services. Login credentials for these services are typically provided in an initial onboarding email - but may be located in the Liferay Cloud Console if needed.

Locating Login Credentials

  1. Navigate to the infra environment.

  2. Click Services in the left menu.

  3. Select the ci service.

  4. Click the Environment Variables tab.

  5. Click show icon next to JENKINS_CUSTOMER_PASSWWORD to retrieve the password.

  6. Click show icon next to JENKINS_CUSTOMER_USER_NAME to retrieve the user name.


Logging In

  1. Navigate to your chosen environment (dev, prd, etc.).

  2. Click the Visit Site dropdown menu at the top of the page.

    The Visit Site dropdown lists all available endpoints for your Liferay instances in the environment.

    The dropdown menu lists all of the available endpoints to your liferay service you can access, including the default webserver service endpoint and any custom domains you have added to the environment.

  3. Click on the desired endpoint to access your Liferay instance with the corresponding URL.

  4. Enter the Liferay Cloud Jenkins user name and password when prompted.


  5. This will redirect the user to the Liferay DXP 7.x instance (in this example, Liferay DXP 7.2 GA1).

    Liferay DXP 7.2 GA1 Sign In

Finding Default Service URLs

You can also find the default webserver endpoint’s URL by navigating to the service’s page and clicking on the webserver logo at the top of the page (which expands into a URL):

The service name's logo expands into a clickable URL if one is applicable for the service.

Your Jenkins login credentials are still required when accessing Liferay through this method.

You can follow similar steps to access the Jenkins CI web interface. Navigate to the ci service in the infra environment to find the Jenkins URL:

The CI service also has a URL available for the Jenkins CI web interface.

Additional Information