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This page serves as an archive and index of videos that were previously hosted on Liferay University. As of February 28, 2023 Liferay University is no longer operational. References to the video content and how they mapped to the previous courses are archived here for your convenience.


The course content referenced below is provided as-is and may not be up to date with the latest updates to Liferay DXP. The best way to stay up to date on Liferay DXP is by watching for future content updates.

7.4 Courses and Modules

7.4 Business User

7.4 Back-End Developer

7.4 Front-End Developer

7.3 Courses and Modules

7.3 Business Practitioner

7.3 Front-End Developer

7.3 Back-End Developer

7.3 Solution Architect

7.3 Site Reliability Engineer

7.2 Courses and Modules

7.2 Fundamentals

7.2 Content Creator

7.2 Back-End Developer

7.2 Front-End Developer

7.2 DevOps

7.1 Courses and Modules

7.1 Liferay Fundamentals

7.1 Content Management

7.1 Back-End Developer

7.1 Front-End Developer

7.1 DevOps

7.1 Upgrading Liferay

LXC-Self Managed (DXP Cloud)

7.3 DXP Cloud

Introduction to DXP Cloud


Commerce 2.1 (Legacy)

Commerce (Legacy)

Analytics Cloud

Getting Started with Analytics Cloud