Database Service (MySQL)

Database Service (MySQL)

The MySQL database service is a distributed relational database that simplifies the setup, operation, and scaling of your applications. It’s a private service inside your application environment. It can only communicate with your other services, not the public internet. The database in Liferay Cloud has case sensitive table and column names.

The database service is one of several services available in Liferay Cloud.

See the Database service limitations section for more information.

Environment Variables

You can set these environment variables to configure the database service. When setting LCP_MASTER_USER_NAME, LCP_MASTER_USER_PASSWORD, and LCP_DBNAME, make sure to use the same values for other services that depend on the database service (e.g., the backup and Liferay services).

You should set these variables before the first deployment. If a build is generated with new values, subsequent deployments will fail. During development you can delete services and update the LCP.json file with new values for these variables, but this isn’t viable in a production environment.

Name Default Value Description
LCP_DBNAME lportal Database name.
LCP_MASTER_USER_NAME dxpcloud Master username.

Database Maintenance Window Variables

Your Liferay Cloud environment’s database service occasionally requires downtime for scheduled maintenance, typically for about two minutes. You can configure a preferred window for this maintenance to take place to reduce the downtime’s impact. By default, no specific time preference is defined.

Name Acceptable Values Description
LCP_GCP_MW_DAY 1 through 7 Preferred day of the week (Monday (1) through Sunday (7), in UTC time).
LCP_GCP_MW_HOUR 0 through 23 Preferred hour of the day (in UTC time).
LCP_GCP_MW_UPDATE_TRACK canary, stable Set canary to update earlier, up to a week before other environments.

Google Cloud MySQL Flags

You can pass MySQL flags in as environment variables. The available flags are listed in the Google Cloud documentation. Each flag must be prepended with LCP_GCP_DATABASE_FLAG_ to work in Liferay Cloud. Below are common flags that can be useful for debugging in a development environment, but should NOT be used in a production environment as they have significant performance costs.


As noted in Google’s documentation, some database flag settings can affect instance availability or stability. Be very careful when using these flags and follow Google’s Operational Guidelines.

Name Acceptable Values Default Value