Enabling Search Suggestions

Enabling Search Suggestions

Search terms can be suggested to users when their initial queries can be improved. Spell check settings allow administrators to configure the Search application so that if a user types a search term that doesn’t return many results (for example, a slightly misspelled word), the user can be prompted to improve the search.

To configure the spell check settings:

  1. You must first reindex the spell check indexes. Go to Control PanelConfigurationSearch, and open the Index Actions screen.

    Click Execute next to Reindex all spell check indexes.

  2. Make sure that one Suggestions widget is on the search page (it’s added by default if using the Search Page Template).

  3. Open the Suggestions widget configuration screen. Click the widget Options button (Options) and select Configuration.

    Configure the suggestion settings to allow for user input mistakes and help lead users to results.

  4. Configure as desired and click Save.

Suggestions Configuration Reference

There are three main settings available for the Suggestions widget:

Display “Did you mean…” if the number of search results does not meet the threshold: Present users alternate, spell checked search queries if their search did not return a minimum number of results (50 by default).

Display Related Queries: If the number of search results doesn’t meet the specified threshold (50 by default), display up to a maximum number of alternative queries (10 by default).

Add New Related Queries Based on Successful Queries: Index a user’s search query if it produces a minimum number of results (50 by default), so it can be displayed to users as a suggestion. If the Display Related Queries setting is enabled, it’s used as a related query for similar search queries that don’t produce enough results.