Managing Elements

Managing Elements

To create new Elements, click Add (Add). See Creating Elements for more details.

To delete existing custom Elements, select the Element(s) using the checkbox selector and click the Delete (Delete) button.

Custom Elements can be viuewed, copied, exported, or deleted.


System Elements (i.e., out-of-the-box) cannot be edited or deleted. Copy a system Element if you want to base a custom Element on it.

To duplicate an existing Element, click Actions (Actions) and select Copy. You can delete or edit the duplicated Element just like any other custom Element.

To export an Element, click Actions (Actions) for the Element and select Export.

To import an Element, click Actions (Actions) in the top corner of the screen (next to the Global Menu icon). Click Import and browse to the Element’s JSON file.

Import Element JSON files.


The Element schema can change. If the schema changes between Liferay versions, importing an older Element’s JSON may fail.