Inviting Members to Your Site

Inviting Members to Your Site

You can use the Invite Members widget to send invitations to Users to join a Site.

  1. Add the widget by clicking on the Add icon (Add icon) at the top of a page. Find the Invite Members widget under the Collaboration section and drag it to your page.

  2. Click the Invite Members button to bring up a new form.

    Select Users to invite in the new window.

  3. Click the plus sign next to a User who should receive an invitation. Those who have already been invited but have not yet responded appear with a check mark next to their names. Users that have already accepted an invitation no longer appear in the list.

    For others not on the list, you can input an email address and click Add Email Address.

  4. Select a Role for the User by using the drop-down menu under Invite to Role. Select between Site Owner, Site Content Reviewer, or Site Administrator.

    Once you’ve added all the Users you want to invite and have selected their Roles, click the Send Invitations button to invite them. For more information on Roles, see Roles and Permissions.

  5. The Site invitation shows up under the Requests List tab on the User’s Notifications page. The User can then choose to confirm or ignore the invitation.

    The User has a invitation request in their notifications page.

    When Users confirm an invitation, they become Site members assigned with the Role you defined.