Configuring Content Rating Type

Configuring Content Rating Type

Ratings can be represented by different types of icons/labels (like, stacked stars, stars, and thumbs ups). You can configure these rating types for the following applications:

  • Blogs
  • Comments
  • Documents and Media
  • Knowledge Base
  • Message Boards
  • Web Content
  • Wiki

Configuring Content Rating Types for Site Applications

To configure the rating type used by a Site application, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Ratings option:

    • In Liferay DXP 7.4+

      1. From the Site Menu, go to ConfigurationSite Settings.
      2. In the Content and Data section, click Community Tolls and then click Ratings.
    • In previous Liferay DXP versions

      1. From the Site Menu, go to ConfigurationSettings.
      2. Under the Social area, expand the Ratings option.
  2. Use the selector for each application to choose the desired rating type.

    You can set the rating type for several applications from the Site's Social settings.

  3. Click Save.