Using Custom Fields in Page Fragments

Using Custom Fields in Page Fragments

If you’ve added custom fields to Liferay’s users or pages, you can access them in fragments. To get the value of a page custom field, use


To use a page custom field in a fragment, first add the custom field, then add or edit a page fragment via the fragments editor, from the Site Menu → Fragments.

This example HTML uses the custom field showFooter to show or hide the placeholder footer element on a page:

[#assign showFooter = layout.getExpandoBridge().getAttribute("showFooter")]

[#if showFooter]
    <footer class="bg-dark pb-8 pt-6 section-footer text-white">
        Placeholder footer content...

Toggling a page’s showFooter value to true or false shows or hides the footer, respectively:

Using page custom field values, display or hide your HTML footer content on the page.

To access custom fields for users, use


Guest users may not have a value for the custom field. In this case, attempting to retrieve a custom field value for a guest user causes an error when viewing the page. Make sure to consider guest user access when developing fragments with user custom fields.

You can add FreeMarker code like this to check whether the value exists before using it:

[#if user.getExpandoBridge().getAttribute("showFooter")??]