Creating a Master Page Template

Creating a Master Page Template

Available: Liferay DXP/Portal 7.3+

Although Portal includes default Master Page Templates that you can use to define the look and feel of the Headers and Footers for your Site’s pages, you may want a more custom solution. You can create custom Master Page Templates for this.

Follow these steps to create a Master Page Template:

  1. Open Product Menu and go to DesignPage Templates.

  2. Under the Masters tab, click Add (Add) to create a new Master Page Template.

  3. Enter the Name of your new Master Page Template.

  4. In Fragments and Widgets (Fragments and Widgets) on the sidebar, add Fragments for the common elements that you require.

    Add the Master Page Template's common elements from the Footers and Navigation Bars sections.

  5. Optionally drag and drop the Drop Zone to a new location in the layout. For example, you can add a Grid with two Modules and move the Drop Zone to one Module, so users can only add Page Fragments to that portion of the Grid.

    You can move the Drop Zone to control where users can add Page Fragments.

  6. Optionally specify which Page Fragments can be added to the Drop Zone by clicking the Configure Allowed Fragments button.

    • Check the Page Fragments you want to allow in this Master Page Template.
    • Check the Select New Fragments Automatically box to include new fragment types in the list of allowed fragments.

    Check and uncheck Fragments from the Allowed Fragments dialog to specify whether they can be added to a page that uses this Master Page Template.

  7. Click Save to close the Allowed Fragments dialog.

  8. To preview your Content Page, click Actions (Actions) → Preview in a New Tab.

  9. Click Publish Master to create the Master Page Template.

You can revert any action using the Undo (Preview) or Redo (Preview) buttons, or you can return to a previous version of your edits using the History (Preview) button.


If a custom Master Page Template is used for a page, the Theme for the page is defined through the Master Page Template and can’t be changed through the page’s settings. See Changing a Master Page Template’s Look and Feel for more information.