Using Utility Pages

Using Utility Pages

In Liferay, you can customize system level pages, such as error pages and 404 pages, from the UI using utility pages, without having to engage a developer.

You can use utility pages as system-level pages, such as 404 pages.

404 Error Utility Pages

404 error (“Page Not Found”) pages appear when users navigate to a page that does not exist.

To create a 404 error utility page,

  1. Navigate to Site BuilderPagesUtility Pages.

  2. Select Add (Actions Menu).

  3. Select Blank for an empty content page or an available master page template.

To apply the 404 Utility Page as the default 404 error page,

  1. Select the Actions menu (Actions Menu) for the utility page.

  2. Select Mark as Default.

Select a custom 404 error utility page as the default page when a user encounters a missing page on the website.


If a site contains no pages, the default 404 error page is shown even if a utility page is applied.