Reviewing Assets

Reviewing Assets

When an asset’s workflow is activated, one or more users must review it before publication. You can assign workflow review processes to specific users or to a particular Role (for example: Portal or Site Content Reviewer). In the latter case, anyone assigned to that Role may approve or reject the submission. For example, with the out-of-the-box Single Approver process, the workflow tasks are assigned to a Portal or Site Content Reviewer or anyone with administrator rights.


DXP subscribers: bulk management of workflow items is possible using the Workflow Metrics application.

Once an asset has been submitted, the Workflow application sends a notification to all the potential reviewers. To access notifications, click your avatar and select Notifications.

Workflow sends a notification an asset is ready for review.

Reviewing an Asset

In order to begin reviewing an asset, you must assign the task to yourself. Note that when using the Single Approver workflow, tasks are by default assigned to a Role. (You can also build custom workflows which assign review tasks to specific users instead of by Roles.)

Assigning the Review Task

  1. Click your avatar and select My Workflow Tasks.

  2. All workflow tasks assigned directly to a user are listed in the My Workflow Task widget’s Assigned to Me tab.

    The assets assigned to a user are listed in Assigned to Me.

  3. To claim a task, click the Assigned to My Roles tab.

    The Assets assigned to Roles are listed in each associated user's Assigned to My Roles tab.

  4. Click the asset’s Actions button (Actions) and select Assign to Me.

    Assign the task to self.

  5. Enter an optional comment in the Comment text field.

  6. Click Done.

Approving or Rejecting a Task

Once you have assigned to task to yourself, you can approve or reject the submission.

  1. Click the name of the asset to review the asset. Here, there is a preview of the asset (a Wiki Page) and the review status.

    Review the asset.

  2. Click the Actions button (Actions) and select Approve or Reject.

    Approve or reject the asset.

  3. Enter an optional comment and click Done.

Once a task is complete, one of several things happens:

  • If the submission is rejected, then the asset is not published. The asset exits the workflow process. On the User’s Notifications, the original author is notified that the submission was rejected and needs to be modified before resubmitted. It is marked as Update in My Workflow Tasks.
  • If there are more than one reviewers, the task is advanced to the next reviewer in the chain.
  • If the submission is approved and there is only one reviewer, then the task is moved to the Completed section on the Assigned to Me tab. The asset is published.

The completed task is in Assigned to Me tab.

The approved asset (the Wiki Page) is now published in the widget.