Docker Image Versions

Docker Image Versions

Liferay Docker image tags begin with a Liferay software version and end with an image version.

[Liferay software version] [image version]

For example, Liferay DXP 7.4.13 Update 15 or Liferay Portal GA15 follow the pattern. See Liferay Software Versions to learn more.

Liferay Docker image tags use full image versions and simple image versions.

A full image version is a semantic version based on changes to the container (e.g., OS, scripts, and tools). These versions start with d, have a major, minor, and micro version number, and end with a time stamp (e.g., 7.4.13-u15-d2.0.23-20220310153349).


The image version is not bound by the Liferay software version. For example, multiple images can be created for the same Liferay software version.

Tags that use the full image version are recommended because they’re static and explicitly versioned.

Tags that use the simple image version are provided only as a convenience. They represent the latest image available for a Liferay software version.

For example, here are the full and simple version tags used for the DXP 7.4 image available at the time of this writing.





The full and simple tags above refer to the same Docker image. If, however, a new image is created for Liferay DXP 7.4.13 U36, the simple tag is updated to use the new image.


Liferay Docker image tags that use a simple image version can change. They are updated to refer to the latest image available for the Liferay software version.