Managing Blog Entries

Managing Blog Entries

Bloggers and blog administrators manage blog entries using the Blogs application in the Site Administration menu. To access this app, click the Product Menu button (Menu) to open the product menu and select Content & DataBlogs.

The Entries tab is selected by default, which lists the site’s blog entries. Use the Management Bar to manage your site’s blog entries.

Finding and Arranging Blog Entries

The Management Bar also contains tools that help you locate and arrange blog entries. The most prominent of these tools is the Search bar, where you can find files by keywords.

To the left of the Search bar, the Sort button (Sort) arranges entries in ascending or descending order.

Click Filter and Order to sort entries using these criteria:

Filter and Order menu

Filter Description
All Shows all of the site’s entries.
Mine Shows only the current user’s entries.
Display Date Orders the entries by display date.

View Types

The View Types button is to the left of the Add button. Users can choose how to display the blog entries in the Blogs app. The_ View Types_ button’s icon depends on the selected view type:

View Type Description
Cards Shows a card-like rendering of the blog entry, with the author’s profile picture. Each card also contains the entry’s timestamp, title, workflow) status (e.g., Approved, Draft, etc.), and an Actions menu.
List Shows the same information as the Cards view type, in a list with the author’s profile picture instead of the blog entry’s cover image.
Table Shows the same information as the other view types, in a list with no file renderings.

See the different View Types in the Site Administration Blogs Menu

Deleting Blog Entries

  1. Check the checkbox to select the entry to be deleted.
  2. Click the Trash button (Trash) to move the selected entries to the Recycle Bin.

Select and delete a blog entry

Sharing Blog Entries

You can also share blog entries from the Blogs app in Site Administration. Sharing is enabled by default, as described in Configuring Sharing. Sharing blog entries works the same as sharing files.

To share a blog entry:

  1. Click the Actions menu (Actions) and then Share.

    Share a blog entry via its Actions menu.