Getting Started with Wikis

Getting Started with Wikis

The Wiki application includes a rich-text WYSIWYG editor, version tracking, and the ability to create multiple wiki nodes. Wikis are integrated with Liferay DXP’s users and permissions.

Adding a Wiki Widget to a Site

The fastest way to begin using the Wiki widget is deploying it on a Site Page.

  1. Navigate to the site page where the wiki will be created (for example, the DXP Guest site’s Wiki page).

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Click Widgets then Wiki to expand the menu.

    Select a Wiki widget from the Widgets menu

  4. Drag and drop the Wiki widget to the desired location on the page.

    The widget is now on the site page.

Site members are now able to create and edit wiki pages. Note that there can be only one Wiki widget per page.

Complementary Wiki Widgets

Liferay DXP offers three additional widgets to be used in conjunction with the Wiki widget which makes it easier to navigate to and view the other wiki pages on the same DXP instance. This is because the Wiki widget displays only the FrontPage.

What’s Next

Learn about the features in the Wiki widget: