Message Boards Widget UI Reference

Message Boards Widget UI Reference


The Categories tab is the default landing page when navigating to the Message Boards widget. All the categories are displayed on this tab. In addition, all the threads created at the root level are displayed here.

Categories tab

Recent Posts tabs

The Recent Posts tab lists all threads, starting with the most recent and irregardless of which category the thread is posted in.

Recent Posts tab

My Posts

The My Posts tab tracks all the posts authored by the current user (for example, Jane Doe).

My Posts tab

My Subscriptions

Subscribing to a thread causes Message Boards to send the user an email whenever a new message is posted to the thread. If you have enabled the mailing list feature for the thread’s category, users can reply to these messages to post back to the thread without having to visit your site.

The My Subscriptions tab displays all the categories and threads that the current user has subscribed to.

My Subscriptions tab


The Statistics tab displays information about the number of categories, posts, and participants.

Statistics tab