Getting Started with Message Boards

Getting Started with Message Boards

Liferay DXP’s Message Boards app is a forum application that can be added to any DXP site page. A Message Board on DXP can be scoped to a site, including a regular site, an organization’s site, or a user’s profile site or dashboard site.

Adding Message Boards to a Site

The fastest way to begin using the Message Boards app is to deploy the widget to a Site Page.

  1. Navigate to the site and page desired (e.g. Forum Page).

    New Forum Page

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Click Widgets then Collaboration to expand the menu.

    Adding the Message Boards Widget to using the Add Application menu.

  4. Drag and drop the Message Boards widget to the desired location on the page.

    Deploying the Message Boards app to the forum page.

Site members are able to create forum posts using the Message Boards widget. Note that there can be only one Message Boards widget per page.

What’s Next

Learn how to use the features of the Message Boards application: