Refreshing Charts to Reflect Real Time Data

Refreshing Charts to Reflect Real Time Data

The polling interval property is an optional property for all charts. It specifies the time in milliseconds for the chart’s data to refresh. You can use this for charts that receive any kind of real time data, such as a JSON file that changes periodically. This ensures that the chart is up to date, reflecting the most recent data. Follow these steps to configure your chart to use real time data.

  1. Add a new java scriptlet and create a new instance of the chart’s object, and put the data into the data attribute. Finally, set the chart’s polling interval with the setPollingInterval() method. An example view.jsp configuration is shown below:

     LineChartConfig _pollingIntervalLineChartConfig = new LineChartConfig();
     _pollingIntervalLineChartConfig.put("data", "/foo.json");
  2. Set the chart taglib’s config attribute to the updated configuration object that you created in the last step, as shown in the example below:

     	config="<%= _pollingIntervalLineChartConfig %>"

The polling interval property lets you refresh charts at a given interval to reflect real time data.

Now you know how to reflect real time data in your charts!