Guest Checkout Overview

Guest Checkout Overview

Guest checkout functionality can be enabled on a per-channel basis and allows users to submit orders without a registered account on the site. See Enabling Guest Checkout to learn more.

With Guest Checkout enabled, guest users are required to enter an email address during the checkout process.

Guest must enter their email address to proceed.

After providing their email, Guests are then prompted to log in, create an account, or continue as a Guest. Guests who adds items to the cart and then later sign in prior to checking out, have their items automatically carried over to their account’s cart.

Users can sign in, create an account, or continue as guest.

Processing a Guest Order

When a Guest submits an order, it is processed the same as any other order. See Processing an Order for more information.


Guests do not share order histories with other authenticated users, even if they have the same email addresses.

Creating a Guest Checkout Authentication Page

Guest checkout requires a site page with the Guest Checkout Authentication widget. Use the Health Check function on the Channels setting to generate this page and widget.

Clicking the Continue as a Guest allows customers to complete the purchase without logging in or having to create an account.

Another option is Guest Checkout Authentication widget.

If this authentication page does not exist, Guests will be redirected to the page with the Checkout widget.